Melodie Thompson's #11

Series I Dragon Roadster

Placerville, CA

With this latest Dragon comes another stunning treatment.

Look, Ma, Low Glass!

Vintage Lister Paint Scheme, Black side pipes and headers,

"proper" British Hood Latches.

First Drive August 12,2006! Nice Wheels!

Melodie first saw the Craig's #007 last fall and immediately decided she needed to build one for herself! Now, less than a year later she's got the first LS1 Dragon to be completed.

Race Screen makes the #11 look even lower!

Melodie chose metallic Silver with Black Mask Stripe, only thing missing is the race number!

Strap in and shut up!

Corvette LS1 Engine/6 speed Transmission:

Double runners, custom Headers,

Programmable ECU for EFI,

Dana 44 Rear End,

10 position adjustable QA1 shocks

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