O'Day's Garage



Bryan O'Day

Stryker Road

Springfield, NH 03284


Bryan O'Day is well established as one of the most ingenious fabricators and welders in the area.
Since 2002 he has been involved in Dragon fabrication, jig design, frame development and production. With his local track knowledge and road race experience in such events  as  "One Lap of America", Bryan knows the requirements for performance and handling. Without his tireless effort and knack for design, Dragon may have languished in its cave and never evolved to the fire-breather that put its stamp of authority on the Run & Gun events from 2002 to 2008.
I have been fortunate to work alongside him in refining Dragon frame design for the new C5 era.

Give him a call if you can't find the right guy to do YOUR project.

Bryan O'Day
Race Fabrication, Steel and Aluminum Welding and Repairs
Set-up for Street, Track, and Rallye

Suspension - Handling - Brakes - Race Cage Design and Fabrication
 Heavy Equipment, Excavation, Snow Removal

Bio-Diesel Specialist

DragonWerks Consultant


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