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Debut at KCI's Run and Gun 2001. Street Big Block Class Champion: Autocross and Roadcourse
Features and Details of the Dragon
link toKit Car Magazine's Feature Article on our "Fire Breather" Production car will be shown at Carlisle Kit/Replicar Nationals in PA, May 17-19, 2002
The Kit in Detail

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The Frame
The Body  
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The Feel of the Past with Performance for the Future!®


Fiberglass body, trussed 4" Round Tube Chassis, equipped for competition with "Motown" 427cu in Street Small Block @ 531hp/545ft-lb but designed for outstanding performance with Chevy ZZ-4 motor, '88-'96 Vette running gear, 2000 lbs all up. Very Streetable.

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 The Body Style

We love the late '50s through mid '60s sports cars. So, we looked to them for design inspiration. Look closely at the Dragon and you will see influences from the Lister Knobbly, Corvette, Cobra, Daytona Coupe, Jaguar, McClaren, Scarab and Ferrari. (Did we forget anybody?) We believe that the car looks awesome. It's even better in stripes!

Body Construction

We used an accomplished mold-maker and fiberglass/composite expert to help us translate our vision into final form. Bill Hough is well known to kit car manufacturers, and has been instrumental in developing several bodies which are currently on the market.

Our body is non-stressed, meaning that it is not a structural part. This reduces the chance of stress cracks. Anything structural on our car is bolted to steel, not fiberglass.

The hood is one piece, tilts forward to provide easy access to the engine, front suspension, etc. It can be taken completely off the car by removing the two hinge bolts and undoing one 6-wire electrical harness plug.

The main body consists of an inner tub that has the footboxes and seats molded into it. This tub is bonded to the outer skin forming a strong, rigid body. By removing a few bolts, the entire body can be lifted off the chassis!

For ease of service and building, we made the tops of the footboxes removable. Headers, sparkplugs, pedal assemblies, carpeting are all easy to get at.

The dash is removable, making installation of gauges, wiring, and switches a snap. We even have a fuse box mount pre-formed. Even the transmission cover is removable making work on the shifter, tranny(can come out through the top!) and driveshaft simple.

Body and pieces in gel-coat before installation of hinges

Our body is hand-laid fiberglass using vinylester resin, and is finished in sandable gel coat. A typical cost to finish and paint the body is $2500 - $3500.

Finally, when you receive your kit, you will find that the doors, trunk, hood, inner liners are already installed. No fiberglass work is required.Back to Main Page