Our Dragon Roadster is already inspiring World Class Art!

Brett Lenger, Artist and Illustrator who saw the Historic 4 Run & Gun Dragons last October, gives us his version of the likely outcome of any meeting with a Cobra.

Thank you Brett!

Brett got a chance to fire up the Blue Dragon in St. Louis.


Brett will soon be driving a SeriesII Dragon of his own. Progress pics below:


Sept 2006

Brett sent off his customized body for exhaust work. He will be ground -pounding soon with LS-1, 355wides and remote turbo.

          C4 Dana44 ready to bolt in  
          Summit 16gal fuel cell. You should be able to get home from NH on 4 fill-ups!  
          ...beautiful gel coat finish body right out of the mould  

Just needs a ZZ4, VROOM!

Arctic White on snow, perfect Dragon Day!

Waiting for Pick-up

Not in Kansas yet, but British Racing Green/Pewter Stripes and LS1 here it comes!


Historic Gathering of First Four Productioon Dragon Roadsters at Run & Gun 2003. Original Prototype car and some SeriesII Dragons in 2005?


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