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Dragon Motor Cars is fortunate to have worked with some skilled and dedicated folks, without whom Dragon could not have brought the car to this level.

Bryan O'Day, O'Day's Garage - skilled racer, welder, and fabricator, who produced all the later SeriesI frames, and whose tireless help through the design and revision process, resulted in the SeriesII Space Frame design.

Race Metal Smiths for machine shop expertise in altering C5 Torque Tubes and design of a C5 Differential conversion plate for drive shaft input, allowing use of front mounted transmission for C5 drive-train.

Shell Valley Co. for their quality production work on SeriesII Bodies and Chassis.

Superior Interiors, Hooksett, NH for interior fabrication.

Fred Rosner Racing for his early chassis and jig fabrication.

The Dragon Roadster Kit was designed so it could be built and completed using readily available mail-order and over-the-counter performance parts.

Here are some links:

www.fortesparts.com Performance parts distributor specializing in engines, clutches, transmissions, front ends, steering differentials, rear ends, brakes and all related parts. We've used Mike's Chevy-input-shaft-converted Tremec 5spds in our production Dragons.

Have Bill turn your car's best side into great wall art. Go to:

Summit Racing Equipment is "the World's Speed Shop". Order on-line or by phone.

McLeodind.com for High Performance Clutch, Bellhousings, Flywheels

Dragvette.com has some race-proven performance suspension upgrades for C-4 Vettes . Same ideas apply for the Dragon Owner looking to "Bomb-proof" the rear-end for high-powered competition.

spiralturbobaffles.com logo Spiralturbobaffles.com has the trick baffle set-up to go in your 3.5" Dragon sidepipes, for those days when you can't use open headers.

 Accessories and parts for completing your Dragon. Order on line or by phone.