Count carefully, you'll see 5 Dragons in the paddock.

Brian White's Candy Copper, C5Lister Speedster, Ruby, Blue & Brett's Kansas Superdragon

Here are a few images of Dragons in action at Run & Gun 2007

More to follow.......


First look at X5 Speedster before the transformation to T-Bucket Sport Rod.

Blue on course, next year I'll put in sway bars. Fred Wood Photo.

Five Dragons made their way to St. Louis for the 2007 edition of Kit Car Magazine's Run & Gun event.

John put the C5 Chassis on the track for the first time(all STOCK C5 components) and won all events by big margins in Small Block Street, despite bad O2 sensor in right side bank.

Paul drove Blue (even through the deluge that plagued the Northeast) all the way from NH to compete.Blue made sure Dragons swept Street Small Block Road Course, finishing second behind John's C5 T-Bucket .

Newly rebuilt Ruby car with ZZ4 and A/T came out and Mark McClay won Autocross and Road Course in Novice Class.

Brian White's new SeriesII won Best in Show and Prepared Drags. IMHO he also had Best Burnouts at Drags!

T-Bucket en route to winning Street Small Block Road Course. Same chassis and headers as C5 Speedster. The car handles like a slot car on steroids.Fred Wood photo

Ruby still as good as ever. Mark MCClay Driving.

Brian White's SeriesII, Best in Show, blasting around the Road Course. Fred Wood Photo

Brett's Highly customized SeriesII has Turbo LS-1under the hood. 355wides in the back. He had a blast. In Novice Class he finished second in Autocross. Fred Wood photo

On the Grid

Hella lights will provide the candlepower for nightdriving! Note Intercooler for STS Turbo. Fred Wood Photo

Low and fast.

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