Are you sure your tires will be safe at 130mph?

Here are a few images of SCDA Track TIme at NHIS Track in Loudon, NH.

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Uphill to the blind left.

Around the Bowl.

Flat through Turn 1.


"The Dragon is a BLAST! Would be a great Track Day Car!" - ANDY SANBORN, BANAGAN'S 50/50

Eliot into the Ss.



into the bowl

Like a caged beast!         Give me the Waveby!!!!

Dragons in the paddock at NHIS.

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Did you check your collant collar clamps?

Next year.............Watkins Glen, Limerock, 24hours of Daytona?!

Nothing like a gorgeous day at the track(even if only in the paddock), three beautiful cars, and some Great American Food!
Thanks Tilt'n Diner!