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  Dragon concept by John Chesnut, Paul Carlson & Dave Childress    
  SeriesII Body plug in progress, nose is being readied for moulds. Series II Dragon debuts at Carlisle Kit Car NAtionals, May 20, 2004

August 12, 2004 Series II nose ready for paint and final mould prep.

Back half soon to follow.

Note shorter overhang in front. Nose is one piece from firewall forward.

Nose primed and ready for back half final fitting
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Rad opening wider, taller. Engine bump 2" lower
  Sleeker, lower, leaner.....    
  "We don't need no stinkin' doors..."      



The Feel of the Past with Performance for the Future!



SeriesII is unmistakably the Son of Blue Dragon.


Fiberglass body, 2x2 Space Frame Chassis, Small Block Chevy, 88-96 Corvette running gear, 2200 lbs all up. Very Streetable.

Photos by Paul Carlson