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Brett's SeriesII Dragon will soon be driving to Kansas. SeriesII Dragon can also be ordered to fit Corvette C4 suspension.

Scroll further down for pictures of "ZTA"(Camaro/Firebird)Dragon build in progress.

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Tub Panels


Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

Side Exhaust

C4 Dana44 ready to bolt in
          ...beautiful gel coat finish body right out of the mould    

Just needs a ZZ4, VROOM!
    Aluminum panels are rivetted to frame forming the interior walls ..

We decided to use LT-1 from donor for first "Factory ZTA" Dragon

Off-the Shelf Side Pipe(s) fit and look great. "ZTA" Donor Dragon with LT-1 and Subaru Brake Booster does not allow easy routing of exhaust to driver's side, so we did a 2-into-1 to passenger side with a dummy pipe on Driver's side. First SeriesII Dragon fired up on first try today (4//7/2005). Torch Red Body will drop on tomorrow, leaving the weekend for the leisurely completion of interior, dash, windshield, lights and latches before John's departure for Knott's show on the 12th. Nothing like a 3000 mile shake-down cruise.
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Arctic White on snow, perfect Dragon Day!

Windshield in progress

Dash/switch panel is one piece.

Plenty of knee clearance. Tunnel deck is at perfect arm-rest height.
    Map/Oddments pocket between the seats on Black Interior.

Chafe cap on top cockpit sill. Upper seatbelt slot hidden in bolster seam.

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    Two-tone Interior waiting for "Factory" Red Gel Body ...    
    Interior is awesome.

Removable seat-bases mean height adjustability not previously available on SeriesI.

Aluminum Interior Panels

We finally found a "ready made" tail-light that looks nice.


E-Brake handle and AT shifter brackets install in minutes.

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Increased knee clearance of inside wall of cockpit. #13 panel is bent to smooth out otherwise square corner.
    Wiring in progress for L:T-1 Motor. Plenty of space behind dash for computer and fuse panel....

Lowered Hood bump requires lowering of Alternator by mods to upper mounting bolt location and some clearance grinding to Alt case and pulley fan(just to be sure).
    Brake Booster and Pedals, Note also use of OEM Throttle cable for LT-1 install.

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Manual proportioning valve for front-rear brake bias.

Dragon Tubular Front Suspension

Can use up to 8" wide rims and 245(9.4" tread width) without mods to body
... NO Bump Steer!!!
    Carrera Coil Overs

Fronts will have 8"x400lb springs

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Camaro Tank from Driver's side, uses OEM mounting straps and fuel lines from the donor


Rear Live Axle Suspension

Dragon Adapter Bracket fits over live axle for mounting Satchel Link 4-bars
..Camaro tank installed
    17" Torque Thruster II Wheels ..Note 4 Links fully adjustable
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Historic Gathering of First Four Productioon Dragon Roadsters at Run & Gun 2003. Original Prototype car and some SeriesII Dragons in 2005?


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