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  #Nose in Progress Debut at Run and Gun 2001
  #Molds in Fabrication    
Dragon concept by John Chesnut, Paul Carlson & Dave Childress Molds Fabrication by William Hough Composites

Frame Jig Fabrication by Rosner Race Cars
Will be available as kit or "turn-key" May 18, 2002

  Site and cars under construction! Please check this site often for updates and progress reports on design developments and completion dates
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Production Body debuts at Carlisle, PA

Positioning the Rear Wheels in the Arch


Hood Shaping in Progress

Setting the Windshield Posts


Front of frame showing interior tub in place

Frame (bottom view) getting prepped for paint


Finished Frame showing cowl hoop and roll-bar

Rolling Chassis#1 minus Fuel Cell Support Frame

Photos by Paul Carlson EMAIL US to put your name on the waiting list

Mold being cast from Bill's final Dragon Prototype Body- Rockers, Rear Underside

Photos courtesy of Gary Anderson
photo courtesty Gary Anderson
Nose in Progress        

Front View 9/3/01  

9/3/01 - Are we there yet?


New Nose 4/02 being shaped.....................Finished Production Shape  

New Dash New Hood Profile 4/02



Body #3 in gel coat (note dashboard is removable)        
Fitting Door & Hinge      
    What a difference a door makes!?    
Body #3 just back from paint   And it can all look like this when you're done!    

The Feel of the Past with Performance for the Future!


Fiberglass body, 4"Round Tube Chassis, Small Block Chevy, '88-'96 Vette running gear, 2000 lbs all up. Very Streetable.