Bird's Eye View of the 427 Small Block Chevy

Here are a few images of the engine compartment in the Ruby Dragon.


Nothing like a push-broom to keep the hood up!

Battery Box is between the engine and the Radiator.>

< Master Cylinder Placement is outside the footbox, right above the Lower Frame Tube.

(Note Air Cleaner height compared to windshield base. There are rub marks on the Chromed cleaner cover from the underside of the hood- the hood bulge is no higher than is required!)

< View of the Radiator "lay-back"

View of the Upper Rad Hose and 18" Upper Rad Pipe to filler cap. >

Here you can see the Alternator mounted upper right side of motor. Ruby used a Saginaw Steering Pump from '78 Camaro mounted on the left side.

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